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If your efficiency ratio is perfect , communication is flawless, and everything is a click away then you came to the wrong place. If not then let us show you how we can help you get there.

Your advantages

A single system built to your needs, not the big guys down the street. Have you ever needed a software feature change by tomorrow?
Of course you have, but how many pertners can do that? 3E can, meet the power of Telsar!


No excuses, no barriers, simply click the Teslar icon and you're in.


Guaranteed integration by our engineers, no 3rd parties. No excuses.


Want a three stage pipeline? How about 12 stages? Your call. You are in control.


Ask any of our customers, we're available whenever you need us, starting day one

Who we are

We are bankers and engineers out of Northwest Arkansas who realize that the community and regional banks are vital to our communities and country.

Yet they suffer from using technology developed before the advent of the Internet and aren't as nimble as their online competitors. We're here to change that.

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